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Gods Lands of Infinity Cheats

Gods - Lands of Infinity

Submitted by: Haspa

Press enter when playing the game and type the followings:

Code            Result
dajcepenezi   - gives you 100 gold coins 
zaseknulsomse - it moves you to the closest signpost immediately 
somgadzo      - enables god mode. your healt points will be decreased 
                by 1 after each hit

Submitted by: mir omran

press the symbol left next to the numbers on the top of the keyboard that looks like 
this " ` " and then type the following 

dajcepenezi   - gives 100 gold
zaseknulsomse - teleports you to the nearest signpost instantly
somgadzo      - enable god mode each attack n your team reduces only on health point
I have to say something more i found this technique on this game's version 1.42 and i 
tried pressing enter alot but nothing came in front of me so i kept pressing every button 
till i got a black window in which i typed the cheats and voila it worked thanks for reading
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