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Goblins 1 Cheats

Goblins 1

Cheat Codes:
The passwords for all the 22 levels are:

Level  1   No Password     Level  2   VQVQFDE
Level  3   ICIGCAA         Level  4   ECPQPCC
Level  5   FTWKFEN         Level  6   HQWFTFW
Level  7   DWNDGBW         Level  8   JCJCJHM
Level  9   ICVGCGT         Level 10   LQPCUJV
Level 11   HNWVGKB         Level 12   FTQKVLE
Level 13   DCPLQMH         Level 14   EWDGPNL
Level 15   TCNGTOV         Level 16   TCVQRPM
Level 17   IQDNKQO         Level 18   KKKPURE
Level 19   NGOGKSP         Level 20   NNGWTTO
Level 21   LGWFGUS         Level 22   TQNGFVC

Submitted by: Alex

Attack goblins u get 5gp or runes or square shild and more and it 
is easy to get your levels up!!i went from a low level to level 
30 in about half an hour!
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