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Global Conflicts Palestine Cheats

Global Conflicts - Palestine

Submitted by: RM

1. Launch the game. 

At the Main Menu, select: 

"Single Mission" - (Choose any Character & Name) - 
type the unlock code on your keyboard (again CaSe SeNSiTiVe) 

The bonus mission will become selectable (no longer grayed-out). 

This mission can also be enabled on the Mission Selection sub-screen of 
either "New Game" or "Load Game", which is the Campaign Mode where you play 
through the missions in order. The "Single Mission" option seems to be the 
exact same missions, but it allows you to play them in any order. 

No other unlocker will be released by us, since "Single Mission" already 
give you access to all the levels. 

Enjoy it, kids! 

2. Also, for anyone that is curious, there is a little problem with one of the 
FAS serials. 

The Private License is really: GCP8649PRV 

The 'R' and 'V' were reversed on the end. 

3. Play the mission: 

"The Role of the Media (Bonus)"
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