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Get Medieval Cheats

Get Medieval

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: m-mag666 

During game play, type:

Code             Action 
mpkfa          - Permanent full haealth, ammo, magic
mpbodyguard    - Player takes zero damage
mphighlander   - Gives 99 lives
mpthewolf      - Jump to next level
mpbadmofo      - Go to previous level
mpbringthegimp - Go to the boss area
mpignition     - Gives keys
mpturbocharger - Gives scrolls
mppetrol       - Gives health
mparmorall     - Gives Armor
mpglovebox     - Gives weapon
mpshoes        - Gives 99 souls
mpironpockets  - Robber thief can't steal from player
mpbandaid      - Player doesn't bleed health
mpboo          - Ghost status
mppos          - global position
mpfps          - frames per second
mplockpick     - Gives the skull key
mpomar         - Gives the fire shield artifact
mptroadrunner  - Gives speed boost artifact
mpwinturbo     - Gives super scroll artifact
mpbadbreath    - Gives Freak artifact
mpmintybeath   - Gives Worship artifact.
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