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Geneforge 5 Overthrow Cheats

Geneforge 5 - Overthrow

In-game Passwords:
Press Shift-D to open the cheat dialogue, and then type a code from the list below.

Code            Effect
shieldsup     - Blesses your party.
pleaselikeme  - Erases your criminal record. Certain crimes are unforgivable.
giveasnack    - Gives you cake.
iampoor       - Gives you money (500 coins).
iamweak       - Gives you XP.
healmenow     - Heals your party.
whereami      - Lists your character's current zone and (x,y) coordinates.
showmeall     - Marks all characters on your minimap. dontshowmeall deactivates it.
clearthisarea - Marks the current area as completed on the world map.
iloverebels   - Put yourself on good terms with the Rebels.
ihaterebels   - Put yourself on good terms with the Shapers.
rechargeme    - Refills your energy and essence.
resetbugs     - Resets the Shredbugs.
dontshowmeall - Hide all characters on mini-map.
exitzone      - Sends you to the world map. 
                (useful against impossible to beat bosses.)

Submitted by: Warren Ayen

Press CTRL-D and type "iamweak" (without the quotes), to gain experience for you and
your allies.
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