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Gearbolot Rage Cheats

Gearbolot Rage

Killing enemies:
When a level starts, shoot the enemies when they appear. Then, run 
for the corner. All the enemies will go towards the middle, where 
you can pick them off before moving to another corner. always kill 
the agents first. If one goes off-screen, do not chase after it. Wait 
until you can see them and do not get too close. To kill large groups, 
use the Hell Bird. If you have the stinger, strafe as you shoot to 
make the rockets fire in a line. Basic enemies cannot dodge this most 
of the time. If you have the ADG Launcher, try to be as accurate as 
you can with single enemies; the grenades move slow and you do not 
have too many of them. If you get surrounded, get a Giga Torch and 
run in circles, shooting.

Killing dogs:
To killing dogs quickly, run through them with the Giga Torch.
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