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Gateway 2 Cheats

Gateway 2

Submitted by: David K.

Tired of looking at your handsome robotic reflection in the bathroom mirror? Try 
turning on the hot water to really steam things up (hint hint!)

Mirror, Mirror:
Giant eyeball got you down? Shine a light on the situation to make it see things
your way. Make sure to stand in a well-lit spot, though.

how to open the door?:
Submitted by: taken4granted

use the newspaper and screw driver to open it. put the newspaper under the door, 
use the screw to open the lock. get the newspaper and you'll get the key after.

Submitted by: Gerardo

When you go to the gateway that has a pink desk and a pink phone, to find out the 
phone number you get the pen and write all over the part of the paper that's ripped 
and make it very dark all, all over and you will see the numbers. Mark those numbers 
on the phone and the door that is closed is going to open.

Submitted by: Gerardo

When you go into a room where there are two alarm lights, you go right under the 
sprinkler and burn it with the lighter and the alarm system will turn on,open the 
door and the sprinkler will throw water. When you come back the way out is closed 
and you need the security colors to open the door. So you go under the light and 
hold the bathroom mirror under the light until it says you're holding under the water. 
Then the light from the bulb goes on the mirror bounces back and goes through the water 
and create a rainbow. Those colors are the one for the security system.

Submitted by: Gerardo

When Mike is being shocked in the punishing room, you'll see three numbers on the closed 
door. (24,79,163) When you have to type the two numbers into the computer, write two 
numbers that have two digits that equal 24. If he gets it wrong shock him until he gets 
it right. And do the same for the numbers 79 and 163. And then the closed door will open. 
(Oh, by the way I have two email addresses.

Submitted by: Gerardo

When youre in the kitchen and you get the tape, two eyes will appear. Open the refrigerater 
and hide on back of the door. Then the eyes start blinking alot until they close shut and 
the door opens.

Submitted by: wolf

When you see the purple phone,look throuh the telescope and blink three times,when she 
rings press(1122331)and the door will open,look at the tv and press (786)and you will find 
the tape.then go to the real tv but when her mother come...nevermind take the wire and put 
it in the girl, press(264379851).
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