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Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage Cheats

Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Press ; at the menu to display the console window. 
Then, enter one of the following codes.

Effect                          Code	
Invulnerability               - G_Godlike
All items unlocked            - G_IgnoreLocks
Add money e.g. G_Money 100000 - G_Money [number]
Simulated win in last race    - G_RankUnlock
Add score                     - G_Score [number]

The god mode:
To activate the cheat screen press ~ if that dosn't work well then 
press@ have a good day everybody

everydayimkilling      - easy kill and unlimited ammo.
mummyiwantmycar        - unlocks all upgrades and all cars.
nowayimputtingthisaway - lets your prize icon above the nitro icon never 
                         go away unles you bump into anoher icon.
mummycanicomefirst     - makes you come first in the rank list.
alastinky              - makes the car in front off you get distroid.
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