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Game Net & Match Cheats

Game, Net & Match

Cheat Codes:
Every  first service is an ASS.

During the Ball is in the Air, type - P - for Pause and again
- P - for play the Game ....

Now the Ball fly to the other side and is an ASS.

Tip 1 
As in real tennis, the key to victory is preparation. In other words, watch
the ball as it leaves your opponent's racket, get into position quickly, 
stop completely, and bring the racket back early. And don't forget: hold the
button longer for a powerful, more precise shot.

Tip 2
The best serve isn't the deepest serve--it's the widest. Work on getting the
ball to bounce as close to the singles line as possible and you will get your
fair share of service winners and maybe even the odd ace or two. And if the 
ball does make it back, your opponent will be far from the center of the court
--a nice setup for your next shot.

Tip 3
Be patient. Like my tennis instructor once told me, a good general rule is 
to let the other guy or gal make the mistake.

Tip 4
For service returns, try using a normal (hard) forehand stroke targeted 
behind your opponent. With any luck, you'll make him look like a flat-footed

Tip 5
Check out the strengths and weaknesses of your rival before you hit the court,
then hammer away at whatever flaws you find. It really does make a difference.
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