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Galactic Civilizations Cheats

Galactic Civilizations

Cheat Keys:
Submitted by: NTSC

To enable the cheat keys, you must first download the free expansion pack. 
Once it is installed, go to options and check the "cheat keys" button to 
on, then just press the corresponding keys to get the desired result. 
Note that doing this will lower your score to zero.

Result                                                                Code   
adds hitpoints, move points, attack and defense points              - CTRL A 
battleship                                                          - CTRL B 
clone selected ship                                                 - CTRL C 
decreases morality                                                  - CTRL E 
increases morality                                                  - CTRL G 
heals ship, restores move points                                    - CTRL H 
make all human colonies complete their social and military projects - CTRL J 
assign all the worlds and resources to major races                  - CTRL L 
money (adds $1000)                                                  - CTRL M 
add anomaly                                                         - CTRL O 
increase the class of the planets in the selected star system       - CTRL P 
research current tech (if shift key is also held, all techs except 
final frontier are researched)                                      - CTRL S 
teleport                                                            - CTRL T 
clear fog of war                                                    - CTRL U 
create random ship                                                  - CTRL V 
create colony ship                                                  - CTRL Y 

Unlimited Money Glitch: 
In order to get unlimited money, you must first instruct one of your planets
to construct a colony ship. DO NOT PURCHASE THE SHIP. If you did that, it 
should say that there are 25 months left before construction is completed. 
Go back to the planet when there are only 2 or 3 months remaining. Click 
PURCHASE. Then click on the scout from the ship list. Now, you should have 4
payment options. Choose the one on the top. Click ACCEPT. You should now have
an extremely large sum of money. Although not technically unlimited, it 
should be more than you could ever spend.

"REAL" Warp Drive:
If you move your ship out the corner of a border quadrant at the border, your
ship will appear in the next quadrant in the same square you attempted to 
"leave".  This is obviously a way of moving REAL FAST  (done in a Dave Barry 

Population Growth via "Shore Leave":
If you remove all the troops from a transport, leave and then return that 
ship to its homeworld, it will instantly gain another 20,000 troops (20 
legions).  Repeat as needed.  As a note, this is also a bug.  In the bug
state, your transport full of legions gets "repaired" to the 20 level.

You can always save the game after it starts and then map out the universe. It
would probably be easiest to do a [print screen] and then annotate the print-out.
 Then, restart. Since the AI doesn't cheat, you can be a true prophet and know
exactly what is going to happen.
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