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Front Page Sports Ski Racing Cheats

Front Page Sports - Ski Racing

Sierra Cup:
Give yourself a number of practice runs before attempting a 
race in the Sierra Cup. You can't wipe out a bad run or a 
DQ, so ensure that you've practiced enough to get "in the 
zone" before you leave the starting hut for real.

Course Map:
Keep an eye on the Course Map in the lower left part of the 
screen to determine the location of upcoming gates. 
This will allow you to plan your turns before the next gate 
is even visible.

Runaway train:
Longer skis provide more speed at the expense of turning ability. 
200 cm skis are a good compromise for the downhill events as 
they'll provide enough straight-line speed to win on each course 
without making you feel you're riding a runaway train.
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