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Frontier Elite 2 Cheats

Frontier - Elite 2

Fly to the Martian moon, Phobos. Stop at approximately 0.5 km away from
Phobos and aim directly at the moon. Set the Stardreamer Time Control 
on 3 ">>>" and continuously fire. A "Right On Commander" message from 
the Elite Federation will appear periodically. You may rise to the rank
of Elite by following this procedure. 

Farther warps:
Press [Shift] and the cursor keys to select a system other than your 
intended destination that is extremely far from your current location.
Your request will be refused and a "xx tons required", "Out of range" 
message will appear. Warp to your intended destination, then repeat 
these actions to warp again.

Extra money: 
Buy extra passenger cabins, go to bulletin board and accept passengers.
Then, try to buy another ship. It will be refused, but the difference
in price between your ship will be given to you - so try to buy a cheaper
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