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Far Gate Cheats

Far Gate

Submitted by: rickHH

Cheat Codes:
During gameplay, type '/182461' to enable cheat mode. 
Then type any of the following "Codes": 

Code          Result 
/instabuild - All Units Built 
/fog        - Toggle Fog of War 
/gates      - More Money 
/stats      - Show Stats 
/kenny      - All Enemies Dead 

All Missions:
At the Main Menu, type 'superxstudios'.

Take a tour of the ships:
Zoom up to any ship large enough (Cruisers, Mjolnir, etc.) and 
you can zoom into it and look around the interior. Note: This is most 
effective when you do not use the Mouse Wheel for zooming. Also, make 
sure that you do not right click on the ship already, as it will not 
zoom inside.

In Fargate you can open up missions using the level editor and you 
can add your own ships in the levels allowing you to have a huge 
fleet just as you start the level.
Note: for some reason if you place a spire, hub or heart down you 
cannot build on it (probably some sort of script is needed)

Start with more ships:
Simply use the level editor to edit the game's missions. Add your own
ships in various levels to get a large fleet as soon as the mission 
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