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Eye for Design Cheats

Eye for Design

Submitted by: RM

To figure out the correct placement of your room decor, look at 
each item first, to see how many different positions it can be 
in. Start with the one with the least number of options, then 
the second least and so on. It may seem like it's better to place 
the larger items first, but you'll be surprised how many lamps 
can only go in one spot!

Always put the big furniture like beds .. because then you can plan 
the rest of the room into parts .. i igured out the desks are seconb 
because chairs mostly are next to them color it and always replace 
the old furniture.

Don't Put all you items one color because you stop getting the color 
bonus after around 5 or 6 items and you will be wasting good earned 

Try to put all of the stuff of the same color to earn MONDO COLOR bonus.
Try to read carefully the description of the owners,because you can 
read about the secret goals.
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