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Extreme Tactics Cheats

Extreme Tactics

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

Run from pods. If they get next to your units.. they aren't your units
anymore. The extra time you gain by moving away gives you an extra 
couple of shots to take them out.

Make weapon and shield relays your primary targets. Often the enemy 
will put only high-tech weapons on its MCC. Losing the relays will 
make it a sitting duck or whimpering puppy. 

Lots of small, fast, and cheap units can overwhelm bigger, slower, and 
more powerful ones.

Always give your MCC ground/air weapons.
Never go in the front door. Explore your enemy's flanks. Often there are 
unguarded paths.

Many weapons can fire beyond your LOS. Deploy sensors so you can use 
weapons to hit "unseen" targets without getting hit back.
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