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Excel 2002 Spy Hunter Cheats

Excel 2002 Spy Hunter

Cheat Codes:
submitter- Roshan sharma

 1. Open Excel 2000. 
 2. Go to File, Save as Web Page. 
 3. Then Click Publish. 
 4. Check the little box that says "Add Interactively With" 
 5. Click Publish. 
 6. Close Excel. 
 7. Open IE 
 8. Click File,Open, Browse. 
 9. Go to where you saved it and click open 
10. Now you should be looking at a spreadsheet. 
11. Go all the way to row 2000. 
12. Click column A and drag all the way to column ZZ 
13. Hit Tab and it should take you back to A. 
14. Hold Tab all the way to WC. When you get there make sure WC is a white 
    box and all the others are green 
15. Hold ctrl + alt + shift and left click on the four puzzle piece thing 
    (The MS Excel Logo) in the upper left hand corner. 
Excel 2000 Spy Hunter:
Open Excel 2000, (it automatically creates a blank book for you) then 
go to File, Save As, then in the dialog box, under where you would type 
the file name, select the drop-down menu next to 'Save As Type:' then 
select 'Web Page' then just under the large box that lists folders & 
files, select the radio button for 'Selection: Sheet' then click 'Add 
Interactivity' (it is right underneath the 'Selection: Sheet' then 
click the 'Publish...' button. In the 'Publish As Web Page' dialog box, 
just click the 'Publish' button at the bottom. Oepn the page in Internet 
Explorer (I used IE 5.0) then scroll or page down to line 2000, then 
highlight it (very important) then, without clicking anywhere else, tab 
to cell 'WC' then, Shift-CTRL-Alt-Click the Office Logo, then have fun! 
I just stayed in the lane I started in and held down the spacebar and 'O' 
(as in Oscar) keys and If I saw other cars with headlights on, I pressed 
the 'H' key. (The headlights stay on until you click the 'H' key again.)
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