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Etherlords Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Combat Mode Codes:
Press "~" to open console (the same for remove console too), type "EtherRevelation" 
and press "Enter". Now you can uses the codes from following table: 

Effect                               Mode        Code
Remove fog of war                  - Adventure - open_fog 	
Restore fog of war                 - Adventure - hide_fog 	
Lose mission                       - Adventure - lose 	
Win mission                        - Adventure - win 	
Quick save                         - Adventure - save 	
Quick load                         - Adventure - load 	
Player information                 - Adventure - player 	
15 of all resources                - Adventure - give all 	
Resource information               - Adventure - view resources 	
view heroes                        - Adventure - view heroes 
Lose battle                        - Combat    - lose 	
Win battle                         - Combat    - win 	
Reveal enemy hand                  - Combat    - view_hand 	
Hide enemy hand                    - Combat    - hide_hand 	
Swap you and enemy                 - Combat    - swap 	
Information about army             - Combat    - view army 	
Information about hand             - Combat    - view hand 	
Information about combatant        - Combat    - view players 	
List spell/creature codes (2)      - Combat    - view spells 	
Instantly add indicated spell (3)  - Combat    - add spell [spell code] 	
Instantly add creature to army (4) - Combat    - add creature [creature code] 	
Set hero's health (5)              - Combat    - change health [number] 	
Set hero's mana                    - Combat    - change mana [number] 	
Set hero's mana links              - Combat    - change links [number] 	
Set enemy hero's health            - Combat    - change enemy [number] 	
view creature                      - Combat    - view creature 	
How many hero (1)                  - Combat    - spec

(1) Tells how many hero specializations out of 10000 have been successful.
(2) Lists the 4 character code of all spells and creatures.
(3) Instantly adds a card defined by a 4 character code to your hand.
    Ex: "add spell TIWR"
(4) Instantly adds a creature defined by a 4 character code to your army. 
    Ex: 'add creature TIWR'
(5) Changes the amount of your hero's health. Ex:'change health 52'

Spell and creature codes:
Use one of the following case-sensitive entries with 
the "add spell" or "add creature" codes. 

Spell/ creature 	 Spell/creature
Ancient Treant     - ANTN 	
Air Elemental      - AREL 	
Aviak Assassin     -  AVAS 	
Aviak Elder        - AVEL 	
Aviak Marksman     - AVMK 	
Aviak Scout        - AVSC 	
Bat                - BATT 	
Evil Eye           - BEHD 	
Bee Queen          - BEQN 	
Bee Worker         - BEWK 	
Bee Warrior        - BEWR 	
Big Velos          - BGVL 	
Evil Eye Mother    - BHMO 	
Evil Eye Warrior   - BHWR 	
Black Dragon       - BLDG 	
Bronze Abomination - BRAB 	
Bronze Mechos      - BRMC 	
Bronze Mechozaurus - BRMZ 	
Blue Dragon        - BUDG 	
Carnivorous Fingus - CAFG 	
Cyclops            - CCLP 	
Cleric Spirit      - CLSP 	
Cutter Man         - CTMN 	
Doom Rat           - DMRT 	
Disease Rat        - DRAT 	
Earth Elemental    - EREL 	
Female Fighter     - FMFI 	
Fire Elemental     - FREL 	
Giant Bat          - GBAT 	
Gibberling         - GBBR 	
Gibberling Gang    - GBGN 	
Giant Fingus       - GIFG 	
Green Dragon       - GRDG 	
Gargantuan Fingus  - GRFG
Gray Ogre          - GROG
Grass Snake        - GRSN
Great Treant       - GRTN
Hopper             - HOPR
Iron Abomination   - IRAB
Iron Mechos        - IRMC
Iron Mechozaurus   - IRMZ
Kobold Elder       - KBEL
Kobold Guard       - KBGD
Kobold Shaman      - KBSH
Kobold Warrior     - KBWR
Lake Snake         - LASN
Lamia Monk         - LMMN
Lamia Warrior      - LMWA
Lamia Warlord      - LMWD
Lamia Warlocl      - LMWK
Magic Hornet       - MAHO
Mech Worm          - MCWO 	
Mech Wurm          - MCWU 	
Mech Wyrm          - MCWY 	
Male Fighter       - MLFI 	
Mini Hopper        - MNHP 	
Mantis             - MNTS 	
Mother Bee         - MOBE 	
Mother Tick        - MOTI 	
Mantis Patriarch   - MTPT 	
Mantis Scribe      - MTSC 	
Maxi Hopper        - MXHP 	
Mystic Hornet      - MYHO 	
Night Wolf         - NWLF 	
Ogre King          - OGKN 	
Orc Elder          - OREL 	
Orc Guard          - ORGD 	
Orc Shaman         - ORSH 	
Orc Warrior        - ORWR 	
Phantasmal Wall    - PHWL 	
Plague Rat         - PRAT 	
Pteros             - PTRS 	
Red Dragon         - RDDG 	
Reinforced Pteros  - RFPT 	
Rock Wall          - RKWL 	
River Halo         - RVHL 	
Razor Man          - RZMN 	
Sea Halo           - SEHL 	
Shaman Spirit      - SHSP 	
Shadow Wolf        - SHWL 	
Silicon Wall       - SLWL 	
Small Velos        - SMVL 	
Spitting Fingus    - SPFG 	
Steel Abomination  - STAB 	
Steel Mechos       - STMC 	
Steel Mechozaurus  - STMZ 	
Stink Rat          - STRT 	
Swamp Halo         - SWHL 	
Sawer Man          - SWMN 	
Swamp Snake        - SWSN 	
Treant             - TANT 	
Tick Queen         - TIQN 	
Tick Worker        - TIWK 	
Tick Warrior       - TIWR 	
Treant Sapling     - TNSA 	
Tree Snake         - TRSN 	
Vampire Bat        - VBAT 	
Walking Horror     - WKHR 	
Wall of Air        - WLAR 	
Wall of Blades     - WLBL 	
Wall of Daggers    - WLDG 	
Wall of Force      - WLFC 	
Wall of Illusion   - WLIL 	
Wall of Lava       - WLLV 	
Wall of Magma      - WLMG 	
Wall of Wind       - WLWD 	
Warrior Spirit     - WRSP 	
Water Elemental    - WTEL 	
Wizard Spirit      - WZSP

Special skills:
Go for special skills that can inflict a high amount of damage. Every ten seconds, 
special skills will charge up. Choose special skills that can do massive damage 
against a single opponent, as well as those that can hit multiple opponents. 

Use your least-important cards as fodder for your top tier cards. You will get more
experience points from feeder cards that are rarer, in addition to their experience
level. If you feed the same element as your primary card, you will earn an additional
experience bonus. 

The best way to get more tiles is through fighting. However you can also spend resources
to get more tiles.
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