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Escape from Hen Roost Cheats

Escape from Hen - Roost

Cheat Codes:
At any moment during the game, press one of the following keys:

Key  Effect
\ -  Destroy all enemies present on the screen.
F4 - Skip current level.

Note: Using the cheats will set your score to 0.
Level Passwords:
Press P to open the password window and enter one of the following:

Barracks, yard    : deadhen
Hall of Fame      : chicky
Shooting Practice : henny
Labs entrance     : baklava
Time labs         : patlamb
Future part 1     : henman
Power Chicken     : robotnot
My HQ             : kokoloko
Maze part 1       : chiqita
Kuke De-mon       : henopoli

Submitted by: Conner54
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