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Emergency 2 The Ultimate Fight for Life Cheats

Emergency 2 - The Ultimate Fight for Life

Submitted by: conner54

Cheat Codes:
During the game press the pipeline symbol '|', to open up the game
console. Now type 'Backdraft' to enable the cheat mode, after that
the following commands are available:

Code          Effect
cmdlist     - Whole command list
moneytalks  - Set money to 666,666
mission [#] - Play a mission from 1 to 26
daytime [#] - Set current time of day
finish      - Complete a mission
number      - Current mission number
list        - Mission List
start       - Start Mission
report      - Write Emergency 2 info report
sfp [0/1]   - Show floor polygons
set         - Change configuration, launch without params for help.
gotoid      - Change between IDs on a mission
clear       - Clear the console
quit        - Quit Emergency 2
loadgame    - Load the game mentioned by filename
savegame    - Save the game to the given filename
playcdtrack - Play indicated audio CD track
playvideo   - Play indicated FMV sequence
playwave    - Play indicated .WAV file
stopwave    - Stop playing all .WAV sounds
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