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Elvira 2 The Jaws of Cerberus Cheats

Elvira 2 - The Jaws of Cerberus

If you want to take advantage of some of Elvira's special abilities here's how.
Take a look at the list of objects below to see the abilities Elvira can gain:
Ability:            Objects required:
Breath underwater - popcorn - gum - cup cakes.
Detect traps      - anything made from glass.
Magic muscles     - crockery and cutlery from the kitchen.
Revive            - cheese - bleach - meat.
Make fireballs    - newspaper - tissue - any other scraps of paper.

Carry Additional Weight:
You can carry more weight than the game intends by employing some trickery. Once 
you are fully encumbered but find yourself wanting to carry still more items, 
click on the item or items on-screen that you wish to carry. Next, open your spell
book and select a spell. This works best if you choose a spell such as Ice Dart or
Unseen Shield, as those don't require ingredients. Next, you will take advantage of
the option to add ingredients to your selected spell. Click on the "Room" icon in 
the HUD, which is located near the top right corner. That should display the items 
you clicked on that you.
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