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Earthworm Jim 3D Cheats

Earthworm Jim 3D

Cheat Codes:
During gameplay, enter any of the following "Codes": 

Code         Effect
CHEATSEQ   - Activate All Cheats
HHROQTAT   - Weapons
CCHASERQ   - Repair
TERHSRER   - Level Skip
HEREHSORE  - Complete Current Level
QHEROEST   - Complete All Levels
HTARSREC   - Cargo

Unlimited lives:
Go outside the entrance to "Hungry Tonight?" Collect the Power Parp Tin 
from Snott and use it to collect the nearby extra life. Enter "Hungry 
Tonight?" and immediately exit. Talk to Snott again to get another Power
Parp Tin, then collect the extra life again. Repeat this to get as many 
extra lives as needed.

Defeating Fatty Roswell:
Collect two of the three missiles and wait at the third. He will teleport 
there and be an easy target.

Defeating Psycrow:
Ignore the marbles, collect bullets at all times, and shoot him. Keep his 
marble level at 0 or close to it at all times. This will allow you to get 
your marble level up to approximately 85 within a few minutes. 

The Good, the Bad, and the Elderly: Easy Golden Udder:
In the fantasy part of the brain, there is a building shaped like the back 
of a cow. Inside, you must ride an annoying ice cube around a room. If you 
fall off, you must start over. However, if you jump onto the ice cube and 
immediately jump back onto the fridge, then you can just watch the ice cube
slide around. Simply jump back onto the ice cube once it returns to the 
fridge but before it stops moving. You will receive a golden udder without
doing any work.

Unlimited lives:
In Memory, go to Barn To Be Wild. Cross the river of quicksand, then go
around the corner to the large bed of quicksand with pigs, rocks, and crates
floating in it. Wade over to the first rock, then jump across the green bobbing 
crates. Go over to the second rock. There should be an entrance on the wall. 
Move the camera around if you cannot see it. Jump and hover over to it, and 
wade the rest of the way. Enter, and there will be an extra life for you. 
Collect it and go back to the entrance/exit of the level. Re-enter it to get
more lives. If you have suffered damage and need more health, pause game play
and select "Save and go to brain". You will return to brain central with full
health and all the lives you have gathered. Only use "Save and go to brain" 
if you have suffered damage and are almost dead; it will take a lot more time
to get the lives you want. Repeat this for awhile and eventually you will 
have plenty of lives for Psycrow.

Earthworm Kim:
* Collect 1000 marbles and successfully complete the game with a Smart 
Superhero rank to unlock Earthworm Kim. The difficulty of the game will 
increase when played as Earthworm Kim.

* Go to the Fear part of the Brain and enter the door on the right of the 
Sacred Cow Of Contemplation. In this room is the way to the levels Poultryguyst
and Poulrtyguyst 2. You should see a door blocked by a metal gate. If you have 
all 1000 marbles and have beaten Earthworm Kim, the gate will open. Walk through
it and the game will automatically reset. When you start the game again, 
Earthworm Jim usually hops around playing the accordion -- this time Kim will 
be the playing it and will soon be smashed by a cow. 
Press any button to get to the file select screen. You should now have a fourth 
file as Earthworm Kim.
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