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Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine Cheats

Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Easy Mode Passwords

Stage 2: Frankly - RRRH 
Stage 3: Humpty - CPCG 
Stage 4: Coconuts - RCHY 
Stage 5: Davy Sproket - CBBP 
Stage 6: Sqweel - CRCP 
Stage 7: Dynamight - PYRB 
Stage 8: Grounder - YPHB 
Stage 9: Spike - YPHB 
Stage 10: Sir Fuzzy Logik - RYCH 
Stage 11: Dragon Breath - GPBC 
Stage 12: Scratch - RHHY 
Stage 13: Dr. Robotnik - YHBB

-=Hard Mode Passwords=-
2 Frankly RRRH GCYY 
3 Humpty CPCG YPCP 
4 Coconuts RCHY BGCB 
5 Davy Sproket RPGG 
6 Sqweel YYCG 
7 Dynamight PCBB 
8 Grounder CYHY 
9 Spike PBBG 
10 Sir Fuzzy Logik CGRY 
11 Dragon Breath BYYH 
12 Scratch GCCB 
13 Dr. Robotnik HCPH 

-=Hardest Mode Passwords=-
Stage 2: Frankly - BBGY 
Stage 3: Humpty - GYGC 
Stage 4: Coconuts - PPRH 
Stage 5: Davy Sproket - GRPB 
Stage 6: Sqweel - PCGY 
Stage 7: Dynamight - BPGH 
Stage 8: Grounder - CPHY 
Stage 9: Spike - PGHC 
Stage 10: Sir Fuzzy Logik - GBYH 
Stage 11: Dragon Breath - GPHR 
Stage 12: Scratch - RGHB 
Stage 13: Dr. Robotnik - RRCY 

Scenario Mode Passwords - Normal Difficulty:
Enter these passwords after selecting "Continue" to skip ahead 
to the desired level.

R = Red Bean
Y = Yellow Bean
G = Green Bean
B = Blue Bean
P = Purple Bean
C = Clear (Garbage) Bean
H = Has Bean (the little orange fellow)

Effect                       Password
Stage 10 - Sir Ffuzzy-Logik   HRYC
Stage 11 - Dragon Breath      CRRB
Stage 12 - Scratch            GGCY
Stage 13 - Dr. Robotnik       PYHC
Stage 2 - Frankly             HCYY
Stage 3 - Humpty              BCRY
Stage 4 - Coconuts            YBCP
Stage 5 - Davy Sprocket       HGBY
Stage 6 - Skweel              GPPY
Stage 7 - Dynamight           PBGH
Stage 8 - Grounder            GHCY
Stage 9 - Spike               BPHH

Jumping Bean Title Screen:
At the Title Screen, press (A), (B), or (C) on controller 1 to make the "e", "a", 
and "n" in "Mean" jump. Press (A), (B), or (C) on controller 2 to make the "e", "a",
and "n" in "Bean" jump.

Extra points:
Go into exercise mode, wait until you get a Blue/Green bean, and try not to cover it. 
When you see a Has Bean come into the dungeon, put it on top of the Blue/Green bean. 
This will usually give you more points.
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