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Dark Colony Cheats

Dark Colony

Submitted by: Khalid M

Go to your Dark Colony directory, and then go to the 'gamestat' directory. You 
can edit the text files there and change almost any setting you want.

Cheat Codes:
In "Chat Bar" (place on the bottom of screen where computer is giving you messages) 

Code                Effect
SLAG NET          - to see the whole map
WE NEED EQUIPMENT -  to get 10 000 petra (in multiplayer games everyone gets it)

When forming squads, make sure Reaper/Sy Demon assault units have Trooper/Gray 
support to take care of the Osprey IV/Ortu aerial units.

On Single-Player War and multiplayer modes, set the Petra-7 flow and quantity
multipliers up to 500 percent to really generate big armies quickly.

The Barrager/Atril mobile artillery units need infantry and assault unit 
protection up front because their armor doesn't last long when directly attacked.

During night cycles, the Grays see better and are also more likely to attack.
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