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Dr.Brain Puzzle Madness Cheats

Dr.Brain - Puzzle Madness

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes at the main map:

Effect                    Code
Android                - #3ro83
Cab Token              - #20184
Ear Muffs              - #2ov4r
Flash Gun              - #5L0s7
Gas Mask               - #0m0sk
Ice Gun                - #on824
Infrared Goggles       - #s867t
Jet Boots              - #1oots
Hover Taxi             - #7ov4r
Laser Reflective Cuffs - #2u55s
Meatstick Vendor       - #st82k
Monkey                 - #278mp
Parabolic Mirror       - #m8ror
Signal Jammer          - #90m4r
Smoke Bomb             - #smok4
Wire Cutters           - #2ut8t

Unlockables - Game Ending:
To view the game's ending cinematic, perform the following task:
Defeat Dr. Brain's Twin
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