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Drakkhen Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Super character 1:
When you make a character, name it "31415927" (Pi-Greco). Then type "SUPERVISOR". 
During the game, with F10 you'll get Hits e Magic Points. With F8 and clicking in
the lower right corner of the dialog window you'll get more power and you'll jump
to level 14.

Super character II:
Enter 31415927 as a character name at the character generation screen. Enter SUPERVISOR 
as your name. Begin game play and press [Ctrl]. 

A good weapon for the mage and cleric is the bow. 

Entering the castles:
* To enter Castle 2 use the unlock spell.
* To enter Castle 3, wait until the shark in the moat swims to the right of the drawbridge, 
  then cross.
* To get into Castle 4 wait until dawn.
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