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Dragonology Cheats


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A magical interactive story from the book based on the study of dragons.
In this interactive game, players will explore an interactive journal and
adventure across the world whilst discovering, caring for and battling 
their own dragons. 

Players will enter a quest for the legendary Longshanks Hammer, an item 
giving the owner control over all of dragonkind. They will need to help 
dragon expert Dr Drake to find it before it gets into the hands of the 
evil Silus Copperbone. Using unique interactive book technology, players
will explore a fascinating Dragonology journal containing actual information
from the books. The adventure will take them across the globe, meeting a 
variety of characters and discovering new dragons along the way. Their 
dragonological knowledge will also be tested, being challenged to solve 
riddles in order to win the trust of wise dragons that will help on their
quest. Answering questions wrongly, however will anger the dragons, resulting
in a turn-based battle. Players are also able to care for their dragon when 
it is injured, tired or hungry -- at any point throughout the game.
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