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Dont Look Back Cheats

Don't Look Back

Flash Game Web Browser Hints:
Submitted by: RM

List of all objects:
lava, snake, bat,rope, spider,lightning, deathblock crombling 
platform,verticle metor, disappering platform,cerbus, hopping 
demon, big demon,metor, hades, eurydice.

Instead of jumping over him for the first to hits, let him jump
over you. For the final blow you must jump over him at the right
time, and quikly turn around and shoot him in the back. 

Final Boss: 
The final boss is a large giant with a whole range of weapons at 
is disposal. The weapons he favours most to begin with are shooting
fireballs and sending out flying and crawling critters. The trick 
to making short work of this boss is to realize one important thing:
your feet need never hit the ground. 
You値l notice two intermittently appearing and disappearing platforms.
You need to jump onto the lower one initially and then as it fades, 
leap to the appearing upper one. From here, you can jump up and take 
a head shot at boss man. Head shots are the only way of killing him.
Now here comes the clever bit. As soon as the upper platform fades, 
leap back to the lower one and just avoid the punishment until you 
can leap back to the upper one again. By consantly bouncing between 
the two platforms in this way, you値l avoid all ground-based critters,
you値l usually be able to avoid fireballs and you値l slash the time it
takes to take out the beastly boss. When the boss begins to wane on
health, he値l send out waves of fireballs as opposed to individual 
missiles. These are cake; just position yourself in a gap as they 
approach and keep plugging at him with head shots until the big guy
eats it.
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