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Donald Duck Goin Quackers Cheats

Donald Duck - Goin' Quackers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Special move:
Quickly collect five cogs to get one letter from the word "SPECIAL" 
in any level. Keep collecting cogs until the entire word is spelled 
out. Complete the level to learn a special move. 

Defeating Merlock:
When one part of the floor shakes, go to the other part of the 
floor and dodge the fireballs. The pin-like things being shot 
from the front are harmless. When he splits up into four forms, hit
the one whose pendant glows and repeat. Use caution because the 
less energy Merlock has, the more floor tiles fall into the lava. 

Bonus screen:
Complete 100% of the game (all tasks completed in each level, all 
costumes unlocked, all special moves unlocked) to view a screen 
featuring the characters in the game. 

Alternate costumes:
For each 10 Golden Threads collected, a new costume for Donald will
be unlocked.

Bonus level:
Collect all the kid toys then go to the warp pad that the kids were
standing on.
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