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Disneys Aladdin In Nasirias Revenge Cheats

Disney's Aladdin In Nasiria's Revenge

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Defeating mummies:
To kill the mummies in the pyramids, throw four flaming swords at them. 

Alternate ending sequence:
Collect all twenty blue gems to view a congratulations screen after the 
ending FMV sequence.

Defeating Bow Warriors:
To kill the Bow Warriors found in Agrabah, hit them when they start spinning 
their bow.

Defeating spiders and snakes:
To kill spiders and snakes quicker, use the downward jab. 

Defeating minotaur guards:
To kill the minotaur guards found in the pyramids, throw four flaming swords 
at them, then hit them with your sword. 

Defeating minotaur warriors:
To kill the minotaur warriors found in the pyramids, attack them when they start
walking around you. 

Defeating Spinners:
To kill the Spinners found in Oasis, hit them when they put their swords by their 

Blue gems:
To get blue gems, Find the three red gems in any level. Then, win the bonus game 
at the end of the level and the Genie will reward you with a blue gem.

General tips:
Until it is safe to attack, block the enemies attacks. Always keep some apples/
rocks/flaming swords/etc. on you. You never know when you might need them. 
Try to get all the Genie Tokens in order to get lives/continues/full health, etc. 
at the end of the level.
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