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Disney Infinity Cheats

Disney Infinity

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

A character can level up to 15, and you get spins for the toy box vault each time you
level. Your character itself does not receive any benefit from leveling.

Powers and Abilities:
There is a training dojo you must build early on that will teach you your powers and 

Easy Sparks with Mr. Incredible:
Create an empty Toybox environment with wide terrain, then place a bunch of crates close 
together all over that terrain. Play as Mr. Incredible and use his slam move to easily 
break through the crates, allowing you to quickly level up the character.

Golden Characters:
Unlock the golden version of the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Character                     How to Unlock
Agent P                     - Collect 8 Infinity emblems and place first in a Multiplayer 
                              Quick Play match.
Buzz Lightyear              - Collect 8 emblems and place first in Story mode level 8.
Jack Sparrow                - Clear all levels in Story mode.
Lightning McQueen           - Collect 8 emblems and place first on Story mode level 4.
Lone Ranger                 - Collect 8 emblems and place first in Story mode level 6.
Mr. Incredible              - Collect 8 emblems and place first in Story mode level 12.
Sorcerer's Apprentice Micky - Activate 4 types of Cameos during a Multiplayer Quick Play match.
Sully                       - Collect 50,000 coins.
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