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Deus Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Follow these steps to activate the Cheat Mode in Deus:

1. Go to the main option panel.

2. Position the mouse pointer onto the top left of the screen.

3. Press the Alt, Ctrl and C keys at the same time. The animation 
   of the mouse pointer should stop at this point.

4. Use the numeric keypad to type in 3615, then hit Enter 
   (also on the numeric keypad). While you are typing, you should 
   see the numbers appearing on the top left of your screen. 
   After you hit Enter, the animation of the mouse pointer should 
   resume. You are now in Cheat Mode.

Now, once you are in Cheat Mode, go to the normal, 3D game view. 
From here, you can press Ctrl-T to all the weapons and set all of 
your parameters to their respective maximums. This also gives you 
all of the objects of the scenario, although they will still 
appear in their normal locations - you will be carrying exact copies.
Important Note: donít press Ctrl-T while in one of the 2D panels or 
while you are swimming.
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