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Descent 3 Mercenary Cheats

Descent 3 - Mercenary

Cheat Codes:
Enter these while playing:

Code             Effect	
DeadOfNight   - Destroys all the enemy robots in the level.
gowingnut     - Drop Shields & Energy to 1.
gabbagabbahey - Drop Shields & Energy to 1.
ByeByeMonkey  - Enables third-person chase cam.
Shananigans   - Enables weird texture mode.
Testicus      - Gives you a Cloaking device.
IveGotIt      - Gives you all weapons and max energy/shield.
TubeRacer     - Inflicts damage on your ship.
MoreClang     - Jump to another level.
Teletubbies   - Put's a baby face on the sun (like Teletubbies).
TreeSquid     - Reveals the entire map.
Framelength   - Show Frame rate (in FPS).
BurgerGod     - Toggles Godmode.

Submitted by rickHH.

* In the levels in which you have to get past lots of missile and gun
  turrets, you can often sneak past them by flying under the catwalks
  that run through the corridors. 

* Use the Vauss Cannon to fire short, controlled bursts at the sniper
  robots. When you hit them, you'll knock them around and spoil their

* On Mysterious Island, drop a marker inside the volcano, then lurk in
  the submarine and flip the switch when you see someone through your 
  marker camera.

Dopefish secret:
To get this, when you start a new player profile, enter "DOPEFISH"
as the name. Your profile picture should look like some guy with 
his face painted like a green fish. That fish is Dopefish.
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