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Deer Hunter Cheats

Deer Hunter

Cheat Codes:
Enter these codes at the overhead map screen.
Note: A "Cheat" message will appear on the description of 
any deer killed while cheat mode is enabled. 

Code          Effect
dhbambi     - This shows where the deer are at all times.
dhdoeinheat - Lures deer toward you.
dhstealth   - Deer can't see or smell you.
dhmonsters  - Gives monster buck.
dhrambo     - Gives you better accuracy.
dhbuckdown  - Deer won't run away if you shoot and miss.
dhbigbuck   - Add 15 points to last buck killed.
dhdeermate  - Only females.
dh2wright   - Press [F2] to fly during hunt.
dhsporttaxi - Larger deer.
dhmonsters  - Larger deer.
dhfastgun   - Faster reloading.
dhviper     - One hit kill.

Playing Tip 
When playing, always keep the wind blowing up. That way the
deer can't smell you. 

Call a Buck 
To call a buck quickly, use the call once, rattle three or four
times, then call twice. You should see a buck in a few minutes.
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