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Deer Avenger 3D Cheats

Deer Avenger 3D

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

All Guns:
1st find the "Deer Avenger 3" folder should be under drive "C" next go
to your "savegame" folder now pick the name (like if you have Bambo) 
well right click it open it with notepad then double click that same 
name. Now all you do is type in "ALL" (with caps) or type "ALL GUNS" 
now all you have to do is save your changes. 

Hurting friendly:
In the spring when you see the blonde haired girl in the pink tank top
if you shoot her in the HEAD you won't be sent back to your cabin. 

Find Zeke:
Select bambo on first screen then pick the magnum. go to winter and 
hunt. Then hide on the top of the long hill and just wait. when it 
tells you to make a call, do so and he will come. 
(may have to do a few times).

3D milk mode:
Start the game and when you select a file, double click the name. Name
yourself Hunter (case-sensitive). As your character is in the cabin. 
Everything should be a 3D whitish version.

Rapid fire:
Select a weapon, go hunting, and shoot about three times. Then, point 
your gun to the ground and shoot.

Weapon List:
Here is a list of the weapons in the game:

Starting Weapon - Rifle.
Earl            - Compound Bow.
Boozer          - Magnum.
Tad             - Sniper Rifle.
Bubba           - Single-Barreled Shotgun.
Emma Sue        - Double-Barreled Shotgun.
Zeke            - M-16 Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle.
Snake           - MP5 Full Automatic Submachine Gun.
Hidden Weapon   - Rocket Launcher.
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