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Deep Quest Cheats

Deep Quest

Be prepared for battle: By and large, every fight you have in Deep 
Quest is going to be easier if you have numbers on your side. But 
if you don't grow your army quick enough, you could be suceptible 
to an early first strike by the enemy. So, what follows is the order 
that I normally work in. If you want to tweak something, feel free.

Get more gnomes:
Gnomes could be the most important unit in the game, because they 
harvest the crystals that make the whole army run. The more of these 
guys you have, the quicker you're going to be able to expand. I don't
like to work with any fewer than five, but 10 would not be ridiculous.

Tips and Tricks:
There is a bug in this game which enables you to attack more times than 
letting it just auto attack. This may work for most of the units. Simply 
choose your units and attack a specific enemy. After the 1st shot been 
struck by your units, just wait for a little while. Just before your 
units shoot again, you manually right click on your target again. 
For example, if it takes your units to shoot 1 shot in every 2 seconds, 
u can do it by having 1 shot every 1 second, this helps alot.
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