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Deconstruction Cheats


Flash Game Web Browser Hints:
Submitted by: David K.
Use WASD KEYS to move robot. Press SHIFT to place an explosive and press
[CTRL] to activate all placed explosives. Don't let the rubble touch the
red dotted line. And avoid objects, your robot is very fragile. 

Double your mines:
When you start a new level, lay as many mines as desired, then walk off 
the screen. Just before it resets, press [Space] or whatever detonation 
key is set. When it resets, the detonations will happen and you will 
still have all your mines, essentially doubling them.

Something Forgotten:
Submitted by: TeeJay E.

At any level in the game throw one bomb/mine and comitt suicide. As soon as you 
blow up use another bomb/mine and kepp on pressing the activation key on your 
keyboard until the lvl restarts. Then the bomb you used the last time will blow 
up and you will still have the amount of bombs you are supposed to have! IT'S INSANITY!!

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