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Death Track Racing Cheats

Death Track Racing

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

Go to the 'Bonus Awards' menu and enter one of the following cheat-codes. 
You will here a noise when you've entered it correctly.

Code                Result 
metropolis         - All Cars 
mynameisneo        - All Campaigns 
mynameismrsmith    - All Campaigns Minus 1 
inversion          - Mirror Mode 
wreckedonspeed     - Unlock Mega Speed
warpspeedmrsulu    - Game Work Faster 
snar               - development team picture
itisiwhoammad      - Low Gravity
proceduraltextures - Reduce Animation Under Menu
billythewhizz      - Speed Illusion

* The faster you go, the more responsive your handling seems to become. Therefore, 
  mashing the accelerator whenever you find yourself on a narrow section of track 
  with drivable walls all around you is definitely not recommended. It'll take some
  experience to learn to keep your speed down, but keep it down you must or you'll 
  be flip-flopping about the screen in a most aggravating fashion. 

* Go for cars with added grip. The last thing you need in this game is to deal with 
  loose handling. 

* If you do find yourself caught up in the scenery and can't seem to get turned 
  around, let go completely of the throttle. You'll immediately drop to the ground,
  where you can get your bearings.

* Target buildings and other structures with your weapons, and drop 'em to the 
  ground in front of your competitors.

Power-ups in Scramble games:
If you press any of the "F" buttons (for example F1.F2,F3,F4 etc.) you 
get powerups you would normally not get in scramble games.
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