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Cyberstorm Mission Force Cheats

Cyberstorm - Mission Force

Cheat Codes:
To use a code, type it on a line by itself in the 
"CSTORM.INI" file in the CyberStorm directory. When
you load the game, new menu items will appear 
depending on which code(s) you used.

Credits (adds new menu items to the HercBase menu)

Code                          Effect
I'll Buy That For A Credit! - Get a single credit
For A Few Credits More      - Get 1,000 credits
Credits From Heaven         - Get 10,000 credits
I Need More Wheat           - Get 100,000 credits
It's Good To Be The King    - Get Mega credits
Career Options (adds menu items to the HercBase menu)

Heal Me                         - Repair all HERCs and pilots
I Don't Like Those              - Get new missions to try
BrownNoser                      - Jump to the next rank
Boto Bombs Anyone?              - Buy special BGMs
Herc Me Some More               - All HERCs are purchaseable
He Who Dies With The Most Toys  - All technologies 
                                  are available
Current Combat Unit (available from main combat screen)

I Am Whole Again         - Heal current pilot
Look Into My Eyes        - Edit pilot data
I'm Feeling Much Better  - Repair current Herc
Run Like The Wind        - Energize current Herc
I'll Be Back             - Restock current Herc
I Cheat Therefore I Am   - Reset current unit

Entire Fleet (available from main combat screen)

Hollywood Hercs		 - Reset entire force
Fly Like An Eagle        - MegaEnergize force
Mine Your Own Business   - Mine all ore
Hello World              - Adjust the Fog of War

Bark at opponents:
Enter ELSA as a pilot name, then type ELSA at beginning of the 
connect screen chat line to bark at your opponents. 

Transform into Kaesar's Genetic Matrix: 
Enter Kurosh as a Bioderm name. 

Have over 12 units in multi-player mode: 
Load a single-player force with more than 12 units. Then, rename 
one of the Hercs on that force to Big John. Then, load this force
when starting a multi-player game. Note: Use of this feature may 
slow or crash the game.
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