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Cult Cheats


Cheat Codes:
When used improperly, this trick can get your character 
stuck. This bug takes advantage of task switching and 
generally requires another active window (i.e. a folder 
or notepad) to be open. Using this trick, the character 
can walk through walls, bushes, and water. Although he 
cannot walk through key holes, the character can easily 
walk though the walls/water/bushes that surround the 
key holes.

1. Press and hold the alt key.
2. Press and hold an arrow key.
3. Tap (and release) the tab key.
4. Release the arrow key (this step is not really necessary).
5. Release the alt key when the trick is completed. You may 
   need to switch back to the game window by pressing alt+tab  
   or clicking the game window in the start menu.  
6. Steps 2 and 3 must be executed before the character touches 
   the territory that you are attempting to cross through.  
Submitted by: Conner54

Full health:
Type zackisback during game play.
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