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Cuban Missile Crisis The Aftermath Cheats

Cuban Missile Crisis - The Aftermath

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. 
Type @Password("HardTruck") to enable cheat mode. Then, 
enter one of the following codes at the console window.

Code                 Result
@Win(1)            - Lose mission
@Win(0)            - Win mission
@God(0,1)          - God mode
@God(0,2)          - God mode with one shot kills
@God(0,0)          - Disable God mode
@superunit(549845) - Black Eagle Tank(*)
@superunit(387546) - Leopard 2 Tank(*)
@superunit(874653) - M1A1 Abrams Tank(*)
@superunit(140329) - Chinese T-98 Tank(*)
@ChangeWarFog(1)   - Remove fog of war
@ChangeWarFog(0)  - Remove fog of war

After typing the codes, you can then access the super units in
your warehouse.

*These cheats do not work during the in-mission game.

Remove Fog:
Submitted by: Jamie

To remove the fog of war, you still have to enter the @Password("HardTruck") code. 
Then like blitzkrieg:attack is the only defense, the code to remove fog is 
@ChangeWarFog(1) [to see what the enemy can see] or @ChangeWarFog(0) 
to see what you only can see].

Capturing Enemy Weaponry:
Submitted by: Jamie

I use the God-mode cheat but I still love to capture what the enemy has. 
So here are some tips. 

1) To capture enemy artillery, use the disband button on a squad and select a 
single infantry soldier. Send him to the artillery you want to capture. He won't
die because of God mode but he can "snipe" the artillerists under fire. After 
killing the artillerists, the enemy artillery is free for your capture. His fire
power is strong enough to kill the artillerist but unable to seriously weaken 
the artillery piece, providing that you stick around to prevent future enemy 
artillerists from trying to recapture the piece. 

2)To capture enemy trucks (I don't think this works with enemy tracked vehicles
or decontamination vehicles). To capture enemy trucks like repair trucks, supply
trucks, or fuel trucks, simply select a squad and hit the disband button. Then 
select an officer and send him to shoot at the trucks. He is only armed with a 
pistol so his fire power isn't that strong. The trucks will be knocked out with
a few hits but be careful, sometimes the trucks will explode so not necessarily
a guarantee. 

3) Capturing enemy tanks. You need a radiation patch of this. Simply lure the 
enemy into a radiation field (You have to be in God mode for this!! So your 
infantry or vehicle won't die in the field also). Just keep on trying to lure
the enemy tanks into the radiation patch. Eventually when the enemy tank is in
the radiation field, it can be taken over by your troops because the enemy 
artillerists are gradually killed by the radiation. Your troops are shielded 
by god mode and can easily take the abandoned enemy tanks.
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