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Crusader No Regret Cheats

Crusader - No Regret

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: kumayl hassan

During gameplay type.
LOOSECANNON16   = Enable Cheats

Code              Redult 
CTRL-F10        - Enable Immortality
F10             - Get all weapons, max out energy, and
                  get all items
H               - Hack mover (Hold down shift, then
                  click and drag whatever)
F               - Display object framework
CTRL-V          - Memory stats, version #, and other
                  misc. stuff
F7              - Display grid over level
ALT-F7          - Display a different grid over level
CTRL-F7         - Display yet another gred over level

Useful Command Line Parameters:
-warp x (where x is a #) = Warp to level x
-skill x                 = Change default skill level to x
                           (useful when using -warp)

Useless Command Line Parameters:
-asylum       = Displays message "Enabling ENHANCED 
                mode. (Not!)"
-demo         = Continuously loop intro

To get a refill on ammo just drop the weapon your
using and pick it up again.

Bonus Movie:
To view a hidden movie, type "JASSICA16" while playing 
then press F10.

Hack Mover:
While playing, press the H key, then click on the OK prompt. You
can now move any item on the screen with your mouse. When you're
finished, press H again to return to normal.
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