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Crimsonland Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Conner54

Cheat  Codes:
Hold [Left Ctrl] and type one of the following codes at the main menu to 
activate the Cheat functions. 
Note: This can only be done with v1.3 through v1.9.7 of the game. 

Code       Result
levels   - Level test option in modes menu
assembly - Assembly logo

Cheat mode (alternate):
Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Then, 
enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate 
the corresponding cheat function.

Resut                          Code	
Clear console window          - clear
Exit game                     - quit
Generate game terrain         - generateterrain
Load game texture             - loadtexture
Display survival time         - telltimesurvived
Display version               - version
Enlarge the console window    - extendconsole
Reduce the console window     - minimizeconsole
Toggle enhanced crosshairs    - cv_aimEnhancementFade <0 or 1>
Toggle monospace console font - cv_ monoFont <0 or 1>
Toggle frame rate display     - cv_showFPS <0 or 1>

Bubble gun:
Start a game and do not shoot for about two minutes while not getting 
damaged by the aliens. 

Rainbow gun:
Have your first shot kill an alien with one hit. Walk directly to its body
and wait at that location. Allow the other aliens to almost kill you to get
the gun. Note: This only works in earlier versions of the game. 

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting to unlock
the hardcore difficulty setting and Typ 'o' Shooter mode.

Holiday message:
Set the system date to December 25. When the game starts, a "Happy Holiday"
message will appear with snow. Click on the snow or message to return to normal.

Alien Zoo Keeper mini-game:
Watch the credits and click all lines that have the letter "O". A sound 
will confirm each correct click. When the name list ends, wait and another 
list will begin. Once again, click the lines that have the letter "O". 
The word "Secrets" will appear. Click it to play the Alien Zoo Keeper 
mini game. 

Change weapon at the beginning:
In survival mode the first or second creature you kill will always have a 
new weapon power-up. If you do not like that weapon, just wait for it to 
disappear and kill another zombie for a different weapon to appear. This 
will happen whenever you have the pistol and there are no other weapons 
on screen.

Seven way Plasma Gun:
This trick allows you to use a "7-way Plasma Gun" and is useful in survival 
mode. Acquire the Pulse Gun (that shoots little green waves). Get these 
Perks: Angry Reloader, Fastloader, and Stationary Reloader. 
Do not get the Perk Alternate Weapon, as this will mess things up. 
After getting the gun and Perks, hold [Reload]. Seven-way constant shots 
should start spewing from your weapon. Note: Do not get the Perk Alternate 
Weapon. Remain still if you have Stationary Reloader and the shots will 
fire faster. Try this with the "Weapon Power-up". 
Barrel Greaser and Fastshot will make the shots go faster, but not more.

The Blade Gun Cheat is false the real cheat is:
Submitted by: So4TuNe

1.-Start Survival mode
2.-With the pistol and without being touched kill 3 enemies in a triangle.
3.-Stay near the center and then enemies will start to bite you, then NEAR 
   death you will get it so, be ready to run. If you click all o's in the 
   credits, and when the SECRET button appears, DONT CLICK IT, wait and 
   you will see some rare letters:

Inside Dead Let Mighty Blood
Do Firepower See Mark Of
The Sacrifice Old Center
Yourself Ground First For
Triangle Cube Last Not Flee

that must be in this order:

(1)Inside (2)Dead (3)Let (4)Mighty (5)Blood
(6)Do (7)Firepower (8)See (9)Mark (10)Of
(11)The (12)Sacrifice (13)Old (14)Center
(15)Yourself (16)Ground (17)First (18)For
(19)Triangle (20)Cube (21)LAst (22)Not (23)Flee

Dead Center Inside The Triangle Of The First Blood Sacrifice Yourself For Firepower"

Reflex about it and you will reveal it, try it plz. I have already tried it, its 
hard but it can be done.
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