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Crime Life Gang Wars Cheats

Crime Life - Gang Wars

Easy money:
Break pay phones and parking meters for free money. You can get 
$10 from pay phones and $3 from parking meters.

Go to Bringley Hill. Go to any store start the robbery. Punch the men
but do not kill them, Do not let them say "help". When you get $1,000,
take the bag into the robbery car. If you have a lot of stars (three),
go back to the Outlaws crib. Enter it then go out and there will be no

Defeating Justiss:
When fighting Justiss, you must throw him into the flames that come out 
of the pipes on the wall. Just trying to beat him down will not work, as 
he will not lose health at all. Punch and kick him a few times, then throw 
him towards the flame valves. Make sure to throw him towards one that is 
not lit. Throw him towards the one that is beside a lit one. Then, punch 
and kick him to keep him close to the wall. The flames will come on. Run
the other way as fast as possible. Keep punching and kicking him to build
up your special while you are trying to put him to the wall. Do not perform
any specials just yet. Once it goes into the next intermission sequence, 
the flames get turned off and he starts losing health when you hit him. 
When the intermission sequence is playing, he calls in some backup (about
three or four men). Ignore them. When the intermission sequence is done, 
run directly for Justiss and do a Heavy special. This will bring his health
down a lot. If you only end up doing a Brutal and use two special bars, 
beat down the backup. Fatal them so that you get health from them, then do
another big attack on Justiss. By now he should be into the Fatal stage. 
Run up, execute a fatal attack, and just protect yourself from the backup
until the intermission sequence begins. You will then be King Pin.
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