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Conquest Frontier Wars Cheats

Conquest - Frontier Wars

Cheat Codes:

MaleVolence, Submitted the following Information:
Ingame press \'Enter\' and enter phrase 


\"Give the sushi to Sean\" (w/o the quotes) to enable cheats 
(appropriate message must be displayed). 
After this press \'Enter\' and enter following phrases: 

Code                               phrase Effect 
A winner is you!                 - Win mission 
I am evil Homer                  - Lose mission 
spacebridge                      - Unlocking missions 
The Master Builders              - Fast building on/off 
Your chicks for free             - Building costs on/off 
The Ultimate Doom                - Destroying player 
If they could see me now         - No fog of war 
I\'ll rip out your optics        - Normal fog of war 
I can see clearly now            - Clearing fog of discovery 
I want a raise                   - Gives ore 
Do you smell something?          - Gives gas 
The courage of the fearless crew - Gives crew 
Give the sushi to Sean           - Enable Cheating
Some Great Reward                - Maxing out all of player\'s resources

Cheat warning:
When you activate a code, the CPU also receives its benefit. For example,
if you enable the The Master Builders code, the CPU will also be capable 
of instant construction. This will cause you to receive mass attacks from 
the CPU, usually consisting of Dreadnoughts, Tiamats, or Monoliths 
depending on their race. The best way to protect from these mass attacks 
is to build a lot of LR Sensor Towers (at least one planetfull) and build 
massive defenses. This include Ion Cannons (at the edges of your system 
to help defend them;they can shoot across the entire system), and building 
jump gates to protect your system, and mass Dreadnoughts.
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