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Condemned Criminal Origins Cheats

Condemned - Criminal Origins

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Sprinting is not that useful on stairs. Save it for level surfaces.

As with all guns, it is best to save the revolver for fights against 
multiple enemies (or against exceptionally tough loners). Particularly 
weak enemies can be finished off with a combination of Taser and kicks 

Strategic dropping:
Drop important weapons and tools near distinctive objects or in easy-
to-find spots. By doing this, you will not have to search for them later.

Big melee weapons:
If you want to use big melee weapons, practice hanging back, then veering 
ahead far enough to hit your enemy with your weapon. Then, drift back. 
This makes the most of your weapons' superior reach and keeps you away
from your opponents' faster weapons.

God Mode:
You  need to edit your savegames in order to be invulnerable, you also 
need a Hex Editor (Hex Workshop).

Go into your install dir (defaultis: C:\Program Files\SEGA\Condemned - 
Criminal Origins) and click on "view the player data  folder".
After, go to Save/Profile000/SinglePlayer. Select the savegame on wich 
you want to be invincible and open it with a Hex Editor (Hex Workshop).
Once  it open locate this line (not very far from the beginning)


change  it  to DemoModeInvulnerable..1.000000 (as you can see you replace
the  first "0" by "1"). 
Save the file. Then you can load this savegame and you will be invincible.

Code                                   Effect
DemoModeInvulnerable..1.000000         God Mode

Concept art:
Find the dead birds hidden in various locations to unlock concept art. 
Note: To find the birds easily, listen for the sound of flies. That sound
indicates that a dead bird is near.

Bin Weapons:
Check the recycle bins, there are weapons in almost all of them.
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