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Commander Keen 5 The Armageddon Machine Cheats

Commander Keen 5 - The Armageddon Machine

Cheat Codes:
The cheat-modes are used by pressing the Function key and 
a normal key at the same time. This is the FULL list of 
all the cheat codes (I hope) 

Start the game with "K5 -NOWAIT"

F10+P - This is used to pause the game.
F10+S - To slow down the game.  There are 2 speeds.
F10+E - ends the current Level when you find that one to difficult.
F10+Y - Shows all secret rooms in the field.
F10+W - WARP-mode, go to a different level.
F10+T - Gives information about the sprites of commander Keen.
F10+I - Gives extra points, guns, GEMs and lives in a random order.
F10+D - Play a demo of a level of your choice.  NICE !
F10+G - Activates the GOD-mode.  You become Immortal.
F10+J - This is the JUMP-mode.  Jump to the sky with 1 jump.
F10+N - NO CLIPPING, walk through walls and floors. THIS can be useful,
        but sometimes causes your own death. With no clipping the floors
        will fade away and maybe there can be lava under the floor!
F10+C - Nice mode...It shows how many creatures you kill, and how many remain.
F10+V - This gives you 1 to 8 extra VBL's.
F10+B - Changes the border colour.

Practice mode:
Start the game with /TEDLEVEL  command line parameter. You
will start the selected level under the Normal difficulty setting with 
unlimited lives and no prompt to exit. Completing the level will exit 
the game. 

Level                     Level number 	
Ion Ventilation System    - 01
Security Center           - 02
Defense Tunnel Vlook      - 03
Energy Flow Systems       - 04
Defense Tunnel Burrh      - 05
Regulation Control Center - 06
Defense Tunnel Sorra      - 07
Neutrino Burst Injector   - 08
Defense Tunnel Teln       - 09
Brownian Motion Inducer   - 10
Gravitational Damping Hub - 11
Quantum Explosion Dynamo  - 12
Korath III Base           - 13

Extra items:
Press B + A +T during game play for full life, 99 rounds of ammunition, and 
all keys for the current level. 

Korath III Base secret level:
Find the teleporter in the Gravitational Damping Hub level by going to the 
arch just before the level's exit. Use the teleporter. Jump down through the
floor as you would a platform. This will lead to a secret area. Work your way
to the top of it to reach the secret level.

Alternate ending sequence:
Play the Korath III Base secret level. Climb the red wall at the start to find
a large amount of Bags O' Sugar and a strange fuse. Under the Normal or Hard 
difficulty, you can use your pogo stick to break the fuse and end the level. 
Continue and complete the game to view the alternate ending sequence. 
Note: The fuse will not break under the Easy difficulty setting, and you will 
not be able to see the alternate ending.
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