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Comanche 1 Cheats

Comanche 1

Cheat Codes:
While playing game, hit escape to bring up the menu, then hold down 
BACKSPACE while typing "kyle", and a new menu should appear.

Alternatively, you can search the EXE file with a hex editor, for 
the word "HEAT". Then change the character before it to a C, (making
the word "CHEAT"). Now when you load the game, the same new menu should

If you're struggling and don't want to repeat a mission should you mess
one up you can copy the COMANCHE.NAM file when you complete a mission. 
If you then make a mistake during the mission you can simply overwrite 
the file. To do this get into your commanche directory and type: 
copy comanche.nam

Then should you get killed in the next mission quit to DOS and type: 
copy comanche.nam

Saving your pilot from a certain doom:
When you're shot down and falling in flames you have only few seconds left
to press Esc key and use the menu to quit to DOS. This will cause the game
to forget about your last - failed - mission, what can be useful in missions
where failure means going back to previous mission in campaign. Much faster 
than manually backing up COMANCHE.NAM from DOS (a viable alternative), but 
you need to be fast. Use this "savescumming" method to spare yourself the 
frustration of replaying hard missions over and over again... 
This should also apply to previous versions of the game.
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