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Comix Zone Cheats

Comix Zone

Cheat Codes:
Type "CAMERON" and the cheat menu will appear. You must type in capitol 
letters. Minimize the screen into a window to access a "Cheats" option 
with a level select feature.

Kung fu move list:
Change your button control list by selecting "Button Configuration" in the
options menu. Press [Left] until you get to A = jump, B = to select an item
in the inventory and C = attack. The following moves may now be done with 
this configuration.

Jumping air kick  - Press A + C. 
Turn around kick  - Press [Left], [Right] + C. 
Air somersault    - Press [Up], [Right] + A. 
High roundhouse   - Press [Up], [Right] + C. 
Knee kick         - Press [Down], Right] + C. 
Trip              - Press [Down] + C. 
Punch             - Press C. 
Upper cut         - Press [Up] + C. 
Distance air kick - Press [Up], [Right] + A + C. 

Submitted by: ankush mahajan

The only way of defeating the boss in level 3 is to lure him down to the 
place where there is the rocket and press the lever on the right hand side
to kill him. Do it 3 times and as fast as you can and voila!.

Full Item Bar:
To get your item bar filled, click the word Options at the top of the screen.
Then, click the center of the gray strip also at the top. Then it should pause
the game, while it is paused press z, x, and c. Then, click the screen once or
twice and then your game should resume this time with full items!

Make Sketch Fart:
In some areas, you can make Sketch fart by ducking repeatedly 
(push DOWN on the d-pad repeatedly).

Hidden moves:
Scissor kick    - Press [Down] + [Up] (in order).
Hand plant kick - Press [Up] + [Down] (in order).

Go to the juke box under the options menu. Press C after selecting each of
the following tracks, in order: 3, 12, 17, 2, 2, 10, 2, 7, 7, 11. Start a 
game and your power bar will never decrease.

Level select:
Go to the juke box under the options menu. Press C after selecting each of the
following tracks, in order: 14, 15, 18, 5, 13, 1, 3, 18, 15, 6. Highlight a 
number from 1 to 6 and press C to advance to select a new level when a new game
is started.

Killing enemies:
When there is an enemy and some sort of a destroying object (such as a stake or
fan), get on the opposite side of the enemy and roll him/her towards the object. 
They cannot hurt you when you are rolling.

Hidden Roadkill:
In the second page of "Welcome To The Temple", if you lost Roadkill, pick him up
after the double staked gate at the beginning. Immediately after that you cannot
see him, but he is pacing around there. Collect him.

Sixth sense:
When there are hidden enemies on the screen, Sketch Turner will keep panting
in a ready stance instead of resting. For example in "Night Of The Mutants 
Part 1", Flying Kreep in barrels.

Hidden panels:
* In "Welcome To The Temple Part 1", when you get to the place with three rocks
  stacked up atop each other, simply take the left route. Follow it and then go
  down. Destroy the crawler and hit the wall on the side multiple times.

* In "Curse Of The Dead Ships Part 1", continue along past the panel with multiple
  of mines. Keep going to the next one. At the bottom of the cave, release Roadkill.
  He will find a secret passage leading down to two question marks.

Defeating the level 3 Boss:
Lure him down to the place with the rocket. Press the lever on the right-hand 
side to kill him. Do this three times as fast as possible.
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