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Cleopatra A Queens Destiny Cheats

Cleopatra - A Queen's Destiny

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Type [CTRL]-[ALT]-c. This will get the cheat menu to pop up.

Code                 Result
Jail Break         - A pack of tombrobbers hits the streets.
Hail to the Chief  - A hailstorm pelts your city.
Crop Busters       - Swarms of locusts eat every crop in sight.
Amphibious Assault - A plague of frogs descends upon your city.
Ancient Astronauts - Pyramids are built at a quicker pace.
Crimson Tide       - The life-giving river turns to blood.
Mummys Revenge     - ?
Treasure Chest     - 1000 extra deben.
Hippo Stomp        - Black hippos appear.
Side Show          - Black hippos begin to dance.
Win scenario       - Pharaohs Tomb.
Sun Disk           - Raise your kingdom rating.
Mesektet           - Lower your kingdom rating.
Cat Fight          - Certain top ranking houses are destroyed.
Meow               - Throw a festival for all deities worshipped in the city.
Pharaohs Glory     - Export amount increased by 50% for a year.
                     (Ra must be worshipped).
Bird of Prey       - Trade partners trade less for a year.
                     (Ra must be worshipped).
Seth Strikes       - Destroy city's best company and their fort.
                     (Seth must be worshipped).
Spirit of Typhon   - Seth will destroy next invaders.
                     (Seth must be worshipped).
Supreme Craftsman  - Increased crafts in storage yards.
Fury of Seth       - Seth destroys all ships.
                     (Seth must be worshipped)
Noble Djed         - All craft shops fully stocked
Bounty             - Better harvest
Typhonian Relief   - Seth makes a vow
Kitty Litter       - Bast creates plague in city
Big Dave           - Ptah destroys a craft-making place
Cat Nip            - Houses filled with food
Grenow             - Ptah destroys a storage yard
framecounter       - Unknown
Underworld         - Farms on flood plain destroyed in next flood.
                     (Osiris must be worshipped).
mockattack1        - Land attack by enemy.
mockattack2        - Water attack by enemy.
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