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Championship Manager 19971998 Cheats

Championship Manager 1997/1998

Cheat codes: 
Submitted by: David K.

To Edit Players:
Go to editor, open the database "Players," click "Edit Database"
and enter players. Click on him and you can then put all his 
ratings up to 20. When you have done this you then Start a new 
game and the player will be a top class footballer. 
You can also create new players.

To Edit Teams:
You can also change the team and management data. Open "Tmdata" or 
"Mgdata" and edit it. You can give a team loads of money by going 
to CASH and typing up to 50,000 (this will change to 50 million.) 

Avoiding bad games:
Press the Asterisk (*) key to quit without saving your game. 
This is useful to go back to a saved point after bad results. 

Become an international manager
Go to "Manager info", select "Add more Managers". Select the country,
and when asked to type in mangers name type in the real coach's name.

Example: for England enter "Glenn Hoddle" and for Holland enter 
"Guus Hiddink".

Any International Team:
Go the to performance charts and look at the names of the managers that
manage the international teams. Go to Add More Managers and go to the 
international team for that league. Simply type in the name of the manager
that manages that team.

Buy Any Player:
Simply just add managers to the team you want to buy the player from and
put him on the transfer list. Retire from the club and buy that player. 
You can only do this cheat with the clubs that are in your league.
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